Friday, May 1, 2009

Holy crap -- did he just say that?!?

Tonight, while playing with his beach ball: "Pi Day, Pi Day, I took it home on Pi Day."

He did indeed take the beach ball home on Pi Day. In keeping with the vaguely beachy theme of the event, there were lots of beach balls for the college kids to toss around, and Ben got to bring one home afterward. He was saying "Pi Day" reliably by the end of that day, and "beach ball" within a few days. I'm sure we discussed at the time that he got to take a beach ball home on Pi Day. But it's been a month and a half since then. He creeps me out sometimes.


Connor's Mom said...

Kind of weird to realize that your kid remembers things, right? It's strange what they fix on and what slides right by.


leah said...

Impressive memory! Plus, he remembered the specific day of celebration and not just the location. Very cool. Their minds at this age are absolutely amazing for picking up and storing information!

Madeline said...

"He creeps me out sometimes."
That's hilarious, Julia!! :) I can't believe how fast he's learning things!!