Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Benny pics

Nothing to say here, except that I love these pictures! The first one is at a local playground, and the second one is at the Buffalo zoo.


leah said...

How is the Buffalo zoo? I've never actually been, even though we were members for two years! The Erie Zoo is closer, so we generally go there.

Super cute pictures- they grow up too fast!

Julia said...

Buffalo zoo is good, although everyone tells us the Erie zoo is better. We're about halfway between Erie and Buffalo, so we're definitely going to check out Erie next. Buffalo is nice, small enough to see everything comfortably in a few hours. They have beautiful peacocks wandering around loose, which is cool. I have some cute zoo video from this most recent trip that I'm going to post as soon as I get a chance to caption it.

This will probably be the Summer of Zoos. In addition to Buffalo and Erie, we intend to do the Bronx and Milwaukee zoos, and maybe the Madison (WI) zoo as well. Fortunately our Buffalo zoo membership has reciprocity deals with all of them!

Melanie said...

So cute!

We are in Cedarburg. I am a Badger and a Panther as well! I did my undergrad at UW and grad at UWM. We would love to meet you at the Milwaukee zoo this summer.

Elsie Wilson said...

I'm Julia's mom.
I was born and lived in Erie until I was 7 years old. Way back then, the Erie Zoo was small and amounted to a couple buildings and a few outdoor cage areas. But, I have fond memories of driving down through the glen to the zoo!
I understand it is an outstanding zoo with wonderful modern environments for the animals.
We'll see how Ben like our Madison Vilas Zoo when you visit!