Friday, May 15, 2009


I got tagged! In a nice way -- no paint balls or swine flu here. Leah tagged me to continue a blog-wide poll on the 5 Things I Love About Motherhood. (Click on Leah and then work your way backward through the chain.)
  1. Cuddling. Okay, so everyone says this, but it's pretty much a universal fave. Holding Ben as he starts to get sleepy before bedtime, planting little kisses on his head, putting my hand up to cradle his cheek as he drifts off.... You just can't go wrong with that. It's the best. Absolute best.
  2. Rediscovering all the wonderful toys and books of childhood.
  3. Watching Ben develop. Every day brings new insight, lessons, skills, enthusiasm. Watching his eyes light up as he figures something out for the first time.
  4. Watching Neil be a great father. I knew he would be. It's cool to see it play out.
  5. Hmmm.... This last one will sound strange and disturbingly self-centered, but I have to confess that one of the things I love about motherhood is what I've learned about myself, and how much stronger and more capable I feel now. Not like I can handle anything, but like I've handled a lot and done a half-decent job, if I do say so myself.

And now I'm supposed to tag five more people. I choose ... Fethiye, Jess, Rouchi, Melanie, and Dan*. Tag -- you're it! (Now, just because I tagged you, don't feel obliged to carry this forward. I know you're busy. Maybe you're just not into it. That's fine. No pressure. Don't be put off by the three years of bad luck that will ensue if you dare to break the chain.... Just kidding!)

*You're right. Dan is not a mother. He is, however, a devoted father, and I would love to hear his 5 Favorite Things about Fatherhood. Not that that's really the point of his blog, and I hesitate to suggest that he use valuable blog real estate for this. But that's his call. I just tags 'em, I don't calls 'em. You should check out his blog anyway, regardless of whether he picks up on this! For that matter, Fethiye's blog isn't about parenthood, either, adorable pictures of newborn Quentin feet notwithstanding.


Connor's Mom said...

Hey! You tagged me!

Ooo...I'll have to think about it.

I hear you on the fatherhood one-- watching my husband play with our son is one of the biggest joys I know.


Lucas'Mommy said...

Great list! Love it!

leah said...

I don't care if other people think it's cliche-those cuddles are the best!

fethiye said...

I totally mean what you wrote in the 5th bullet!

Will list mine soon:)

rouchi said...

I agree! nothing could be better than these cuddles. Mine one gave me such a lovable one today that I am still over the moon.I feel we discover ourselves again through these bundles of joy and do things that were beyond our control then.Thanks for the Tag. I still have to understand what it is all about.