Sunday, June 24, 2012

Massive Onslaught of Pics

Okay, okay, June has obviously been a Very Bad Month for Blog Posts, at least as authored by me.  Time to get caught up.  I'll start with the trip we took almost a month ago to Toronto.  Here we go!
We stopped by the Canadian Falls on our way up.

Ben in Franklin's Children's Garden, on the Toronto Islands
Drinking chocolate milk at Fran's Diner
Ben puts his hand in a tornado at the Ontario Science Centre.
Going to town on the steel drums at the OSC
Ben's fave exhibit at the OSC -- google "George Rhoads" to find out more.
At the Allen Gardens
Back home again, a family outing to Big Dipper

The next batch are from our more recent trip to Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, where we celebrated my parents' 50th Anniversary in true high-octane Wilson style by watching the June Sprints at Road America.  We stayed at a really nice house (Crystal Lake Lodge -- we highly recommend it!) just a few miles from the track, and we could hear the engines roar even as we made s'mores in the firepit and cooled down in the pool.
Tired after our 10+ hour drive, and more than ready for some s'mores!
My parents and sister preparing the ingredients
Near the start-finish line on a hot but thrilling day
What my father did the entire time
What my mother did the entire time [sketch]
Cousins in the pool
Triple celebration -- and crazy cake!

What we went there to watch!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ben's Life

[This blog post is being dictated by Ben.]

I am Ben.  Ben I am.  I have blog pictures to show you.  One is me and Jannis.  Two is me, and three I'm coming up with back in Hunter a picture of New York City that I made with Grandma.  Now, four I say is me on Uncle Fred's rock.  But it was a strange rock because it was moss-covered and magic.  The end.

Now, let's find some sort of way to get it with those pictures on my blog.

Here are some new pictures from Toronto.
This is Daddy and me at Niagara Falls.

Power Toronto Turtle