Friday, May 1, 2009

Ben's Journal

Awhile back, my mother got Ben a calendar. A nice, big calendar with peel-off vinyl numbers so you can set it up for any month, and a slick surface that you can write on with dry-erase markers. Every evening we "do calendar" with Ben, meaning that we discuss his day and record some of the significant events. For example, you can see that he turned 18 months old on April 19th and had pizza on the 23rd. It's kind've like his journal, except that he's not actually allowed to use the markers, despite his oft-repeated requests. The plan is to take a picture of it every month before erasing it.

For those of you who want to do something similar, my mother got it at a teacher's supply store in Wisconsin. She's been retired for a couple of years now, but you know the saying -- you can take the teacher out of the classroom, but you can't get her out of the teacher's supply store.


Connor's Mom said...

What a great idea!


rouchi said...

Great idea.We do calender work this way to learn the day and date of the month and to know when the new montrh begins. I mark all the Big days on the calender and the countis on.
Thanks for the help. I called up her , these things are not awailable and the bars too would be difficultto keep getting. I have used the granules for drying and am washing with antisceptic liquid to sterilize. I am still avoiding the aid.She is doing well with one aid.
Music , I feel , gives fluency, ear for intonation , voice modulation and spontanity to speech.It also builds up her confidance, specially when I constantly correct her for speech. Lil Ben is at that right age too to pick up singing.By the way, with 2 kinds of hearing devices , does it not give different kinds of sounds input? Some of our kids in therapy find it so.

leah said...

I bet I could find one of those at Best Buy- that's a great idea! Both my boys would benefit (Matt is starting to learn the days of the week and has a concept of past/future/present). I had thought about making a felt-board type, but a write on/wipe off version is much easier and more flexible!