Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jodi, Evelyn, and Pi Day

Jodi (American Mom in Tuscany) has been promoting an international survey of parents of children with hearing loss. The results will be used to assess how much support parents receive from professionals, and what can be done to improve that support. It's easy and pretty quick (it took me less than ten minutes), so check it out:

Ben was on an Evelyn Glennie (a.k.a. "Ebe Gemmy" among the toddler set) kick this afternoon, and we came across an interview on oversteam. I also recommend the documentary "Touch the Sound," available on DVD.

Finally, I join my Cousin Madeline (see her comment to last night's post) in wishing everyone a Happy Pi Day! Our Math Department celebrated Thursday night ( since we have Spring Break next week and nobody was sticking around for the weekend. We took Ben to the festivities and he had a marvelous time playing with the dry-erase markers and beach balls.

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Connor's Mom said...

Thanks for this! We went and filled out the survey.