Wednesday, March 25, 2009

THAT'S my boy!

Tonight, while we were towelling Ben off after his bath (so he didn't have any hearing equipment on), he pointed to a John Lennon poster hanging in the hall and said, "John Lennon in Beatles."

Okay, so what he really said was more like the following:
"Dahn ... Wenn!"
"Beebuhl Beebuhl Beebuhl Beebuhl."
"In Beebuhl."
"Dahn ... Wenn ... INNNNN ... Beebuhl!"

But you get the drift. You see, he's been on a major Beatles kick lately. His favorite Beatle is John (obviously). His favorite song is "Yellow Submarine." (Average number of renditions per car ride: 50,000.) His favorite album is Abbey Road. The boy has taste.


Dan Connell said...

I'm with your boy! He has excellent musical tastes! :-)

Madeline said...

Yaaaaaay, Ben!! I'm so proud. I like "Yellow Submarine" too...I'm taking guitar this semester and it's pretty much the only song I'm good at playing. :)

leah said...

He definitely has taste! I should download some Beatles music. We have a few songs, but are missing Yellow Submarine and some others that the kids would love.

phish said...

This is AWESOME! We share the same favorite beatle! kid's got good culture!

susannah said...

this is so great. love it.