Sunday, April 5, 2009

Play Time!

I'd really like to compile a list of good language play ideas. In the comments section, please share your favorite toys, materials, and activities. I'll get us started:

  • Safari Farm has THE best little plastic animals: Making animal sounds (baaa, mooo, nay-nay, etc.) is a great first step in articulation.
  • Check out these plastic fruits and veggies: We also got him a set that includes very realistic looking bread, butter, eggs, etc. Great way to expand vocabulary. Ben can now name just about everything in the produce section.
  • Babybug Magazine by Cricket Magazine Publishing ( is FANTASTIC. Ben loves it.
  • Ben was so taken by an illustrated version of Humpty Dumpty in an issue of Babybug that we started playing "Humpty X" for a variety of X. Build a wall out of blocks, put a plastic banana on top, and recite: "Humpty Banana sat on a wall. Humpty Banana had a great fall," and push the banana off. After awhile he was completing almost all of it. Expands noun vocabulary and reinforces the idea of a verb (fall) as an action and prepositions (on/off). He's kind've grown out of this now.


Melanie said...

Thanks- love the plastic animals.

Connor's Mom said...


Here are a few of my favorite picks for special needs toys in general:

Leapfrog discovery ball: For my little guy with motor skill issues, this has been a big hit! It teaches letters. There's a similar one that has letters and animals.
Radio Flyer Rocking Horse: It's got an adaptable seat that lets Connor actually sit in it himself, and it's great for gross motor skils, balance, and muscle strength. Not a big one in the language department, but a huge hit in the fun department.

As far as language goes, we tend to do a lot of hands-on things and imaginative play: for farm animals we go to a farm, etc, but some of Connors Deaf and Hoh friends swear by the LeapFrog refrigerator word products.

Thanks for sharing!


phish said...

I used to get Babybug! it's awesome! (And I had some plastic veggies just like that too.) I also love the "humpty X" idea, it's like introducing the concept of a variable! very cool!