Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So I'm a math geek -- nothing wrong with that!

Here's a picture of us at our college's Pi Day celebration, that appeared on the website of our local paper. This year's event was called "SurPiVor", a spoof on the "Survivor" reality show -- hence the island theme, as epitomized by our cheap plastic leis. We professor types were under orders to wear Hawaiian shirts, obtainable at the Salvation Army for a couple of bucks (so I'm told), but gosh darnit, didn't get a chance to get out there, so I had to go with my customary Cow Pi sweatshirt. Ben is obviously enjoying the spectacle.


leah said...

I love it! I actually thought about celebrating "Pi day" by making a pie for dessert, but never got around to it. Plus, then I'd have to listen to Dennis's bad joke that "pi aren't square, pi are round!" Sigh...

Connor's Mom said...

Whoo hoo! Pi day!

We ate pie.