Friday, March 13, 2009


Ben just said "I love you" tonight.

Okay, yeah, he was imitating me, and he probably doesn't attach much meaning to it.

Still, I'm floored. Unlike Ben, I'm speechless. And I'm crying.


susannah said...

this just gave me shivers. what a gift.

leah said...

A three word sentence before he's even 18 months old- holy cow!

Those are the most wonderful, amazing words in the world.

Madeline said...

Yay for Ben!! That's so wonderful!!

Have a happy Pi Day!! :)

Dan Connell said...

Those are sweetest words ever said by a child to his parent!

我爱你! (wor aye nee! I love you!)

Very happy for you Julia!

When my litle guy says "baba, wor aye" or "love you daddy" my heart just melts, melts, melts. *sigh*!