Sunday, May 1, 2011

He must be operating on a whole different plane

Starting at about 7:30 this morning, Ben woke up laughing.  He continued to giggle sporadically for the next half hour.  When he finally got up, he told us a joke that apparently had come to him in a dream.  It goes like this:

Where is the ball?
It got stubbed on a toe.
Why did it get stubbed on a toe?
[big punch line coming up; break into pre-emptive helpless giggling]
It is because you keep moving the bat!!!

Yes.  That's the joke.  No, we don't get it.  But that is the joke, and he proceeded to recite the entire thing, without deviation, at least 50,000 times during the rest of the day.  Even tonight, roughly 12 hours after the initial recital, he was completely unable to contain his hilarity as he built up to the final punchline.  At least he knows how to entertain himself!


leah said...

You need to teach him to say, "I crack myself up!" LOL!

What a cutie pie. We get strange jokes on this end, too - at least Ben's joke sort of rhymes!

Bobby Winters said...

He's just edgy. His friends will get it!