Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Mother's Day

This is how it started:  I was in the kitchen making biscuits (it was a Formula 1 race day).  Ben ran in, put his arms up to indicate that I should pick him up, and announced:

"This is your Mother's Day hug!" [big hug]
"This is your Mother's Day kiss!"  [sloppy wet kiss]
"This is your Mother's Day back rub!"  [back rub]
"This is your Mother's Day cuddle!"  [cuddle]

Yeah, life doesn't get much better than that!

Here's the "John Lennon Hotel" that Ben built while we were watching the race.  He usually builds animal hotels, to house his large collection of small plastic animals, but this time he decided that John would be the featured guest.  Note John's banana slug button.

Later in the morning we went for a Mother's Day walk, during which Ben addressed everyone we met with a hearty, "Happy Mother's Day!!!"  The two school-age boys down the street who were out riding bikes were a little nonplussed by this, but the neighbor woman two doors down was tickled.

Here's a random shot from last week.  It was the first warm, sunny day we'd had in awhile, and Ben was trying on last summer's sunglasses before we headed out to a playground.  This of course meant that he had to go get his ukulele, for full effect.


leah said...

What a sweet boy! Too bad the neighbor boys didn't appreciate the Mother's Day wishes, lol!

This weather has been wonderful, hasn't it? I absolutely love it! We have been to the playground and to several friends' houses this week - staying outside as much as possible!

krlr said...

That's a fabulous shot - Joe Cool, just hanging out. Happy Mother's Day!

Melanie said...

Future rock band front man...