Friday, October 1, 2010

Speech Therapy Report

Ben has a new speech therapist who provides services at his preschool.  Today we got the first of her weekly therapy reports.  I have no intention of inflicting them on you every week, but I figured this first one might give you a sense of what she does.  He gets pull-out/push-in speech for thirty minutes three times a week.

Ben's Goals:
1a. Benjamin will auditorily discriminate the target sound from an error sound 8 out of 10 trials.
1b. Benjamin will produce target phonemes in isolation with prompts with 80% accuracy.
1c. Benjamin will produce target phonemes in imitation of clinician in all positions of words with 75% accuracy.
2a. Benjamin will be taught through models and imitate self-advocacy strategies 4 out of 5 trials.
2b. Benjamin will use self-advocacy strategies to strengthen hearing accuracy in noisy environments 3 times in a 30 minute period with cues as necessary.
2c. Benjamin will use self-advocacy strategies to strengthen attention to questions, directions, and conversation in noisy environments 3 times in a 30 minute period with moderate cues.

9/28/10 @10:30:  Today we pushed into shelf work.  He was able to use such strategies as stopping what he was doing and listening to the teachers' directions.  He benefited from me saying "Stop, look and listen."  He's starting to become more comfortable with his classmates.  Ben was interacting, asking questions while a few of us played store.

9/29/10 @8:30:  Today I pushed into yoga.  Ben was able to independently transition in between activities.  He had no difficulty attending during circle while there was background noise (ex. teachers leaving the classroom, classmates talking).

10/01/10 @10:30:  Today I took Ben out of the classroom to work on our /f/ sound.  We had fun finding /f/ pictures and objects in my magic bag.  He's doing a nice job at both imitating me with the /f/ sound in isolation and at the word level.  He loved looking at the headphones that I brought in.


Melanie said...

Way to go, Ben!

Does he have a clear /f/ sound? Noah's still sounds like a /p/.

Julia said...

No, /f/ is still emerging. It's a little hard to say exactly where he is right now, because he's also going through a mumbling phase -- kind've keeping his mouth shut and talking quickly and quietly. So he's actually lost a little intelligibility, at least to my ear, although I think it's a temporary regression and more of a behavior than a speech issue.

MB said...

So jealous you get reports. We got NOTHING from Mari's school speech therapist. She won't even tell me what sound they are working on, no matter how many times I bug her. Drives me insane.

leah said...

I love seeing the goals, too- we may "steal" a couple of those, especially discriminating phonemes in all positions of a word. Nolan's /f/ is emerging, too. When he gets it, it sounds like /f/. Other times he uses an /h/ sound, but /f/ is outside of his aided hearing abilities (he's only aided to 45dB in the high frequencies).

The reports are great, too! The push-ins are great. At first we weren't sure if Nolan would need the push-in, but it has turned out to be a real help, especially with unfamiliar words like "tidy" and crescent."

I wish there had been Yoga when I was in preschool!

rouchi said...

Thanks Julia for the positive reinforcement.Yes, i too agree that CI is a huge commitment and things are changing so fast. need to see more options without surgery and meanwhile, who is afraid of hard work? Things are getting better for her, am sure we could do with just HA.