Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The truth about tenure

Okay, this may seem a little out of place on this blog, but I still think you should read it and share these ideas with others.  I'm a huge believer in academic freedom and the value of an environment in which an open, honest, and intellectually rigorous exchange of ideas can take place.  I have the outstanding privilege to spend my working hours in such an environment, and I fear that fewer and fewer people (including our kids) will have such an opportunity in the future.  Please resist the anti-tenure propaganda, and talk to others about it.


rouchi said...

A very interesting read.

Madeline said...

Interesting! I actually don't have any idea what the tenure situation is at B-W. But I think this article makes some great points.

Kathy said...

"In truth, many Americans deserve better job security than they have." As Julia can attest, I know all too well just accurate a statement this is. Much of the current financial depression (and yes, it was and still is a financial depression, don't try and kid yourself)can be laid to the fact that the only reward for the working public was/is greed. There is zero protection for anyone who might have (as I did) wanted to speak up about the illegalities and immoralities that surrounded them. It cost me my job after 17 years of kissing up and trying not to rock the boat. Eventually my personal convictions that honesty and ethics must be paramount, despite my efforts to suppress and cover them up, were deemed a liability.
If we are not going to require these qualities in our working lives, we must have them in our educational years or they will be lost forever. This article presents excellent arguments for this stand.
(So much for hijacking my sister's blog! I really ought to get back to posting on mine some day.