Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And now he's really three!

Happy Birthday, darling sweet wonderful Ben!!!  The celebratory tone was slightly muted due to the fact that the Birthday Boy was sick.  Yes, on his birthday.  He started showing signs of an ear infection (his first ever, I'm glad to say) yesterday at daycare, and by early evening, he was a Very Unhappy Camper.  Today we kept him home and took him to the pediatrician, who put him on antibiotics.   By this evening, he was showing a bit of progress, and we're hopeful that might return to preschool on Thursday.

The upside was that he got to spend a lot more time with his visiting grandparents today than he otherwise would have -- as did I, since I had to spend at least part of the day at home with him.  My parents have been in town for a couple of days, and Neil's arrived this evening.  So Ben is surrounded by love, attention, cuddles, balloons, and (as of this evening) a riotous cacophony of presents and wrapping paper.

Ben, I can never get over the unbelievably great fortune of having you in my life.

P.S.  Thanks for all the comments on my last post -- I'll have an update soon on How We're Coping.


Amie said...

Happy birthday Ben!

fethiye said...

Happy birthday Ben! You are a wise man - staying at home with grandparents rocks!

leah said...

Happy Birthday, Ben! I hope you feel better soon!

rouchi said...

Many happy returns Ben.Hope you have a great time with G'parents and recover soon from the ear infection.