Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today's Bennyism

On the way out the door to preschool this morning:

Neil:  "Say good-bye to Mommy."
Ben:  "Bye Mommy!  You stay here and take care of the kitty cat while I'm gone."


Elsie Hickey Wilson said...

What a big boy he is! Make sure you take care of his duties while he is away on preschool business! Kitties need tending to while Master Ben is not available! What a great little fellow he is!

fethiye said...

reminded me of the kitty pool :)

when are we going to get together?!

leah said...

I'm glad he assigned you a very important task for the day. Forget teaching and grading papers- make sure the cat is fed! What a great little guy to think of the kitty cat!

Amie said...

Ben is great!I have 2 cats at home.The younger (and smarter) one will run at the sight of Rhianna.The older one ( with more patience and a smaller brain)will suffer the humiliation of being dressed up like a doll...yikes!