Thursday, September 16, 2010

For your reading pleasure....

The following two items appeared on other people's blogs yesterday, and they're fantastic -- you gotta read this stuff.

First, Jodi posted a link to this great article by Josh Swiller, a CI user who taught for awhile at Gallaudet, author of The Unheard:  A Memoir of Deafness and Africa.  We saw him speak at the CI convention in Sturbridge, MA, summer of 2009.

Second, Susannah put this up.  Pithy, hilarious, validating -- a must-read:


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

She nailed it! It's amazing how EASY it is to go somewhere without kids. Those car seats must eat about an hour of every week. Plus I only can stand to stop one or two times because the in and out of the car... Sheesh.

I think the person who asked the question is probably too self absorbed to read/understand the response, but I sure enjoyed it!

leah said...

After dropping Matt off at one preschool (complete with chocolate bars for his teacher's birthday), then driving across town to Nolan's preschool, going to a Mother's of Preschooler's meeting, driving across town again to pick up Nolan, then driving the OTHER way across town to pick up Matthew. Then speech therapy, laundry, calling the hospital, insurance company, and doing a craft activity with the kids.

Let's see- where did my day go? I love that article!