Saturday, September 4, 2010

Good Benny quotes

Ben's most recent joke:  "What's a mudroom with no mud?"  "I don't know."  "A no-mud mudroom!"

Yesterday, we met with his afternoon daycare teachers for the last time before he starts there next week, to discuss his hearing equipment and let them practice taking it on and off.  Before we went over there, Ben reminded us that we were going to go see Monique and "explain how I hear."  The cool thing about that phrase is that he came up with it on his own; we're quite sure we haven't used it ourselves.

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leah said...

He's a smart cookie! You could almost sit back and have Ben give the lecture on the equipment!I need to call our preschool to set up a "conference" date with them, to let them know about the FM system and occasional TOD/SLP classroom visit (yes, we scored a TOD- one we like)!