Sunday, January 11, 2009

Icosahedron and cookies

And here's another video:

(I'm starting to get the hang of this captioning thing! My timing is still a little off sometimes, but all in all it's not bad.)

The recipe for molasses cookies goes back at least to my Great Grandmother. They are DELICIOUS! Also, check out the "Future MAA Member" bib. [MAA = Mathematical Association of America] When we ask, "Where is the icosahedron?" Ben points to his bib! Now that's what I call receptive vocab!


Val said...

he seems too little to be answering "wh" questions! Smart boy!

Julia said...

Thanks, Val! I'm tempted to lord it over my geometry students this semester that my 15 month old knows what an icosahedron is! (Only a slight exaggeration, of course.)

leahlefler said...

I don't think I had any idea what an icosahedron was! If I saw that bib, I would have subtitled it: "Diamond. Mama's best friend!"

Those cookies look gooooodd by the way.