Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cube, Haircut, and Grandfathers

Both of Ben's grandfathers have had birthdays recently. His maternal grandfather ("Grampy") had one last Saturday, and his paternal grandfather ("Grandpa") is having one today. Happy Birthday to both!!!

Here's a video (also available on youtube: or with captioning at that Neil shot this morning. You can see the results of Ben's first haircut, as well as his fascination with his new Mozart Cube (another present from Great Aunt Kathy).


fethiye said...

he has not stopped the entire movie! ;) He is so cute, walking around and playing that cube, hitting the piano keys ;)

happy birthday grandpas!

Fletcher said...

Having Ben (and Julia and Neil) here in Wisconsin for Christmas/Hannukah was absolutely wonderful! He is the second most amazing youngster I have ever had the pleasure of being related to. Actually it is a pretty close tie but don't let Megan know that. Not only is he incredibly cute (girls his age should be trying to reserve dates now as he is sure to be booked solid by the time he is old enough)but he is very, very smart. My favorite moment (topping even getting to read to him, hold him, and just plain watch him) was when he asked for a "DeeveeDeevee" by which he meant a DVD. I asked him where we see DVDs and he ran over and touched the front of the TV. Not bad, kid, not bad at all!

leahlefler said...

So cute! And always on the move- the hallmark of toddlerhood. How was the skiing at the Peak? We're going skiing at Holiday Valley next week and we're taking Matt with us for their three-ski program. Nolan has to stay in the lodge with his grandma- two more years and he'll be ready, too!

Getting that first haircut is almost a little sad because it makes them look like little boys instead of babies!

Julia said...

Fethiye, he NEVER stops, ever since he was in utero. How's yours?

Hey, Schwester! Now he's asking for CDs, too. He's very much into prepositions these days. He says "INNNNNN!" when putting something inside something else. (Sounds like a Monty Python sketch.)

Skiing was fun, but I'm going to feel it in the morning. The Peak is good, very family friendly. Not much elevation, but fine for the likes of me. (Poor Neil had to make do without any double diamonds!)

Carolyn said...

Aw, I love watching that toddle-motion.
Watch the piano - I always figured H couldn't hurt ours, but he's taken the ivory off of two keys somehow. Eek!

leahlefler said...

I like Peak N Peek for the low elevation, too (I'm not very good). Dennis likes Holiday Valley for the more "challenging" terrain. I have a feeling Matt may be skiing faster than me very soon!

Great job with the prepositions. He's really taking off!