Sunday, April 10, 2011

More from our budding philosopher

This will take a bit of explanation.

Ben has a large collection of small toy cars, and most of these have real wheels that turn on axles.  Y'know -- Matchbox and things of that ilk or a little bigger.  He also has a set of "squirties" -- those soft plastic bath toys with a little hole somewhere so you can fill them with water and then squirt your child silly.  Many of these are in the shape of vehicles -- car, firetruck, submarine (of course), etc.  These do not have real wheels, so Ben refers to these as "fake" cars.  We usually keep them in the bin with the rest of the cars, because, frankly, we don't like using them in the bath -- it's hard to get all the water out of them, and we aren't fans of mildew.

So last night he was playing with his wide assortment of vehicles, and he declared "This is a real person who likes to play with fake things."


Susannah said...

i love him.

Lesley said...

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