Thursday, January 27, 2011

Last night's Bennyism

Neil:  Philosophy is about everything.
Ben:  It's not about everything.  It's about some things.

There was another really funny one from this morning, but it's too anatomically explicit to post here.


leah said...

I love Bennyisms! Nolan was discussing the differences between whales and sharks the other night, and I mentioned that sharks have sharp teeth, but whales often have a baleen. Nolan said, "Not all sharks have teeth: the whale shark has no teeth." I suppose we can't oversimplify things anymore- he's very astute (at least with marine biology)!

We get a lot of explicit body talk, too. I had two five year olds and a three year old in the car after school the other day, and the entire conversation in the back seat centered around "what would happen if our bottom was where our face was?" With lots of laughter and sound effects. I was EVER so happy to drop one off and stop that interchange of ideas!

Neil said...

Wow, that is an awesome Nolanism! As a professional philosopher, I am embarrassed both at having said that, and at being corrected by my three-year old. Clearly I have to think harder about how to describe my field to Ben.