Friday, March 12, 2010

Aaaaarrhh, Maties!

We celebrated Pi Day yesterday -- a little early, but the real Pi Day (March 14) falls during our Spring Break next week.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with this concept, the first few digits of pi are 3.14, hence the celebration on March 14.  Depending on your Math Geek Quotient, you might even celebrate Pi Minute at 1:59 in the afternoon (3.14159...).  (If you celebrate it at 1:59 in the morning, then you are probably studying for a math exam later that day.  Which no doubt many of my students were doing -- I gave two midterms yesterday.)

Anyway, Ben loves Pi Day.  Here he is wearing his Super Pi tee shirt (thanks, Grammy!).  I'm dressed like a pirate, because ... well, it was a pirate-themed event this year.  Long story.  Pi-rate -- get it?  I wasn't really intending to cast such a flirtatious glance -- a moment before I had been looking at Ben, and then I started to turn my head right as the picture was taken ... you know how it happens.


leah said...

Happy Pi(rate) day! It looks like you had a good time!

I was wondering how you guys were doing with the proposed budget cuts to the SUNY system. I always get tense when they propose cutting any school programs- whether it is at the primary/secondary level or at the university level. Jamestown is cutting a few special ed teachers (including a speech therapist)... luckily we're in the Southwestern district and the cuts aren't as deep.

leah said...

Julia, I hope your pre-CPSE meeting goes well. We don't want ANYTHING for next year (just a continuation of our speech services). We mentioned wanting a TOD and FM system for pre-kindergarten, and that's when the tension started. We know Nolan will lose his speech services by kindergarten (because his speech is age-appropriate), so we want the district TOD involved in monitoring his progress. They are going to see if they can get the TOD on the county list, so maybe that will help!

As for the FM system... good luck! We are GOING to get one for Pre-K, but I don't know who will pay for it. They did say that "north county" has more resources than "south county," so you might not have as much difficulty in obtaining one. We're going to approach this as if it were a wheelchair ramp- he has to have access to his education- it isn't an option.

They did say that if he really needs an FM system, then we need to send him to Little Seeds (the preschool for developmentally delayed children). Little Seeds has FM systems, apparently. We are not going along with that, because Nolan doesn't have any cognitive delays and we want him around typically developing language models.

It will be interesting to see what happens as this develops. Our "real" CPSE meeting is on April 27. Since we're not going to request anything for this coming year, it probably won't be too tense. But when we have our annual review, it will get a bit more contentious.

They're setting up Nolan's psychological evaluation now, and we have to get updated language scores from his SLP. I do have a feeling we'll go from 3 sessions/week to 2 sessions/week. Not that big of a deal- but I do want that FM system for pre-K!

Elsie Wilson said...

OH, Wow! A total pi family!
Love the tee shirts! Glad they fit!
Julia: we will call that a pi-eyed look!
Love ya!