Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mixed Media

We introduced Ben to finger paints last fall.  It went fairly well.  He always enjoyed it once we got going, but he absolutely hated the make-shift smock that I insisted he wear (an old tee shirt of mine, and highly problematic for the purpose).  So recently I got him the absolute best smock of all time at A Better Bib.  And for an extra five bucks I got his name embroidered on the back.  I love this smock.  And if he had rejected this one, it would have seriously bummed me out.  I introduced it very carefully -- just left it casually draped across the coffee table ("Oh, what's this?  Hmm -- has your name on it.  Check it out -- it's got elephants!"), and I avoided the word "smock" like the plague.  It worked.  Here's Ben at work, and one of the finished products -- it's a mixed media work, finger paint applied with paintbrush and crayon tip.


leah said...

Getting a two year old to accept a smock is a very delicate thing! Too funny- I love his masterpiece. Nolan is a big fan of painting with brushes, but is quite squeamish of finger paints. We're working on that one!

I love that easel- we were thinking of getting one for home use, but don't like the big, clunky plastic ones. Where did you find the wooden one?

fethiye said...

this looks absolutely great!

Elsie Wilson said...

Wow! Looks like a couple from Mozart's era dancing!
I understand that The Art Institute of Chicago's new Modern Wing has an option in to buy it!
Love it! Of course, I'm his Grammy! Art runs in the family and I see the paint does too!
Very nifty elephant art frock!
Love ya!

rouchi said...

Hey I love it Julia, it looks like a couple in there maybe from the Victorian era? grt piece and it needs to be kept!!