Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Asparagus Song

(If you're confused by the title of this post, read this.)

Short, sweet, and always in motion.  Oh, and his haircut isn't really that crooked.  He has the most infernal hair growth pattern -- we call it the Dagwood -- and that's just the way it was hangin' that day.


leah said...

WOW. How awesome! I love seeing these videos. Nolan and Matt ran to the computer and shouted, "Benny! Benny!" It was pretty funny- we'll have to make it up for playgroup again one of these days (when things slow down).

Melanie said...

Tov Meod! Great job, Ben!

Madeline said...

That's awesome!! Ben is truly amazing and I can't wait to see him this summer! And you and Neil too, of course. :)

And happy birthday, Julia!!