Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another month gone

And here's what Ben did in June:

On the 7th we drove home after spending a week in Wisconsin. Regarding the 8th, we often take walks in the cemetery at the end of our street, and there's a Big Red Barn just inside the entrance that is apparently used to house equipment. Ben loves this barn, and each time he sees it he solemnly intones that no animals live in it. (A patch of brown paint recently appeared on the side of the barn, and we fear that it may soon be repainted.) On the 13th, Ben and I created an elaborate town on the family room floor from blocks, complete with airport, harbor, extensive zoo, and a working farm. I suggested the name Bennyton, and he supplied the state. (We stayed overnight at an Indiana hotel on our way back from Wisconsin.) On the 16th, Ben took his first splash in his new kiddy pool, and he had a blast. You can see that we breakfasted on waffles on the 21st. We visited Neil's parents the following week, and my mother arrived for a visit (she's still here) the 28th. Yesterday, the 30th, Ben was drawing with crayons and, observing that the pink one was broken, asked, "Daddy, how did it break?" He was really on a vocal tear, because later the same day, while watching the Wonder Pets discuss how to rescue a flamingo who was stuck in the mud, he announced, "They have to get the baby flamingo out of the marsh." Those two sentences were so beautiful that I had to get them both onto the calendar. I swear he said these things, and we have my mother as witness. (And we are all unimpeachable disinterested parties, of course!)


Melanie said...

I love this calendar idea and may steal it if that's ok...
I can't believe he is talking in complete sentences. Amazing job, Julia!

leah said...

Wow- he's using "how" questions! Very cool! I love the insight into their minds, and the ability to express their thoughts and feelings. Nolan's new favorite word is "nope." I have to admit, I prefer his casual "nope" to the screaming "NOOOO!!!!" LOL.

You've had a busy month!

Carolyn said...

Such sophisticated speech! Really amazing!

In your cemetery walks, I doubt you'll get this far but if you see the Aldrich marker, say hello to them for me (including my grandpa William F. Hastings and grandma Ruth Aldrich Hastings).

Elsie Wilson said...

Oh, I heard him say those!
He really did!
Of course, that I am his grandmother, I am completely neutral! :-)
But, after years of listening to kids...I'm pretty good at it!

Ben's Grammy
oh, yes, I'm Julia's MOM, too.

tammy said...

I LOVE this calendar idea! I have NO clue how I'd fit it into my schedule but maybe an activity my 8yr old daughter would enjoy helping with! Ben is doing just amazing! Those sentences are incredible! Marsh?! Flamingo?!Seriously?! Truly amazing!

Janis said...

WOW! Amazing speech for a not even two year old.

rouchi said...

Grt going boy!All your hard work will now start showing suddenly when all that he has been hearing till the age of 2 and 2.5 yrs.I love that stage.Enjoy and fill the calender.