Monday, November 7, 2011

October Photo Gallery

On a hayride

A Clifford birthday

Electric guitar -- thanks to Aunt Kathy!

New scooter

More Clifford

A party guest wearing a homemade Clifford hat

Ben writes a new book; Neil takes dictation.

Still going strong at the piano

Grading some calculus quizzes

The cutest sponge on the block


Madeline said...

Love the pictures!! I'm very impressed that he's grading your quizzes for you...grading can be hard! (I'm currently working for a family friend who teaches high school Spanish.) Can't wait till his book hits shelves! :)

tammy said...

Cute cute pics! Happy 4th Birthday to Ben!

leah said...

I love love love the Clifford hats you made for his party! Adorable! Has he started piano lessons?

He looks a LOT like you, by the way - you make a very cute pair!

krlr said...


rouchi said...

Beautiful pictures, he looks really sweet !!