Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bennyisms and Pics

This afternoon, Ben was pretending to roast a "marshmallow" (large plastic bead) on a stick (drumstick) over a "fire" (red plastic jar lid).  He carefully blew on it to cool it, then pretended to take a bite.  He looked thoughtful and said, "Hmmmm.  That's pretty good, but it's not my favorite kind."  I asked, "What's your favorite kind?"  "Real."

This evening Ben was having a cookie for dessert.  Neil:  "You know what goes really well with a cookie?  Milk!"  [pushes the milk cup suggestively toward him]  Ben:  "You know what goes really well with a cookie?  Another cookie!"

The marigold that ate western New York -- Ben grew it from a seed.

Ben's first portrait of us.  I think it's quite flattering.

There used to be a family room under there.

Jam session -- Neil on electric guitar, Ben on drums.  Clifford is the groupie.


Kathy said...

A very intelligent young man. If you give a nephew a cookie... he will want another! Kid sure has his priorities right. Looking forward to spoon bread in a few days, yum!! And to seeing all of you in only a month, hooray!!!!!

Julia said...

Ah, spoonbread. I keep meaning to introduce my in-laws to spoonbread.... Someday. Anyway, enjoy some for me! See you in a few weeks!

leah said...

Plastic marshmallows just aren't the same (they aren't my favorite kind, either) and a cookie ALWAYS goes best with another cookie, especially when those cookies are Thin Mints.

I love Bennyisms - that kid is destined for greatness! I got a great chuckle out of this one!

Susannah said...

"real." HILARIOUS. witty little boy you've got there!