Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tips for improving Auditory Working Memory

Rouchi had a link to this post, which has tons of fantastic tips for improving auditory working memory (AWM).  A lot of it comes down to what educators commonly call "chunking," i.e. breaking complex ideas or tasks into small pieces that are more easily processed and remembered (like the way we customarily break SS numbers into three small chunks).  You can help a child improve AWM by gradually increasing the number, length, and complexity of the chunks.


leah said...

That is a great article. We are huge fans of singing (mentioned as a tool for AWM)- Nolan will sing his "colors of the rainbow" and can sing his alphabet, even if he can't remember them otherwise.

The only downside to that tactic is that I get "There are seven days in the week" stuck in my head (if you don't know that one, be glad- it is extremely catchy and stays in your head for a while)!

rouchi said...

Thanks Julia for putting on the link.This lady is quite an inspiration with what she has done with her cerebral palsy kid and her own hearing loss.Her hard work has DITI doing so well.I am coaxing her to give us more tips, anything that helps. Hope to pull her out of her laziness.