Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back online, and hangin' on the beach

Ben has had full sound since Tuesday afternoon.  We used the loaner processor from then until Thursday, when we exchanged that for his new one (under warranty).  He has been a much happier camper ever since.  On Friday we drove to Neil's parents' house in the Catskills, and then on Saturday we all drove out here to Cape Cod, where we're renting a beautiful house right on the beach for a week.  Ben was at first a little skittish about the feel of sand inside his shoes, the cold water, the wind, but he quickly got used to the elements and has been having a blast.

It is an indication of my in-laws' deep trust in me that they have left me alone in the house (except for a napping Ben), seemingly without any concern that I'm going to rescue the lobsters from the fridge and release them back into the ocean.  I'm a vegetarian, but I guess I'm not a very militant one.  Sorry, lobsters; your fate is sealed.  I think I'll stick with salad, though.

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leah said...

I have this vision of you running toward the ocean and yelling, "Be free!" to the poor lobsters! You could inspire a little guilt by placing a sign stating, "Please don't eat me!" in their little claws.

They are awfully tasty, though...

I'm glad Ben's sound is back "on," and hopefully you won't have any more technical issues for a very long time!