Friday, February 13, 2009

Yet more debate (courtesy of Jodi's blog)

You should again check out this post from Jodi's blog. In particular, read the comments section. You get a good feel for the concerns and perspectives of the various parties, as well as the tenor of the debate (which at times is very strident).

Just a smidgeon of back-story: The 1880 Conference of Milan was a pivotal point for deaf education. A.G. Bell himself was at that conference and led the charge for an exclusively oral approach, and many people blame him for the disastrous effects this had on deaf children during much of the 20th Century. The A.G. Bell Society has traditionally promoted oralism and has done much to support families (educationally and financially) who pursue this route. My understanding is that it has often taken a very adversarial anti-ASL position in the past. These days, as noted in some of the comments on Jodi's blog, it takes an officially neutral position with regard to ASL.

For the sake of full disclosure, we are members of the A.G. Bell Society. I like their newsletter. Interestingly, there are many ads in it for deaf schools that promote sign, TC, and cuing, so whatever bias the Society supposedly has against these practices does not extend to their advertising policy!


. said...

Hey, can you provide a couple of close up shots (photos) of that newsletter you speak of?


Julia said...

I don't want to take blog space for photos of a newsletter, but check out page 11 of the 2009 Jan/Feb issue. There's an ad for the National Cued Speech Association. That's the only thing I could find in this issue. Maybe they're not as prevalent as I thought. All the other ads are for auditory/oral programs.