Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some tidbits

Right now, Neil and Ben are dancing to Jonathan Richman out in the family room. Other music that Ben has listened to lately: Led Zeppelin, the original "Free to Be You and Me" album, Peter Paul and Mary, Evelyn Glennie, The Limeliters, Moxy Fruvous, the alphabet song as performed by Elmo (courtesy of YouTube), and Dvorak.

Two and even some three word phrases abound these days: "More oatmeal please," "egg omelet," "high hopes," bummer, dude" (Neil has been teaching him that one), "new cup," etc. The other day he made a brave attempt at saying "creme brulee," although he far overshot the number of syllables.

This afternoon Neil took Ben for a walk down the street to the cemetery, where they made a snowman. Ben had a blast.

Ben's receptive sign vocabulary: more, all gone, mommy, daddy, play, eat, ball, hurt, diaper, cat, dog, water buffalo, hippo, turtle, mouse, horse, fish, milk, water, bath, up, blue, and of course cookie.


leah said...

"creme brulee!" Too funny. Three word phrases are great! We're getting definite 2 word phrases out of Nolan (like "green ball," though it comes out gee bah).

I'm glad the weather is going to start warming up soon- as much as we love building snowmen, we far prefer playing in the park!

Julia said...

I didn't bother to write down Ben's approximations, but "gee bah" is roughly the stage we're at, too. "More oatmeal please" comes out like "moh ohmea bee". In my book, intentions count for a lot! Also, I confess that most of his 2 and 3 word phrases are prompted rather than spontaneous, but it's still amazing to watch the progress.

I only hope it warms up soon! Oh, and I'm glad Jr. Deaf Club is such a hit! Our SLP gives us event announcements, but we don't have time to make it down there.

phish said...

Nice music selection! I'm glad to hear he's got some early Led Zep exposure! Elmo rocks out too! lol!

Madeline said...

Happy birthday, Julia!! :)

Julia said...

Thanks, Cousin! Neil is frosting a cake right now. And to Alicia, maybe Elmo and Led Zep should get together for a joint musical venture.