Monday, October 29, 2012


I spent much of this past weekend making Ben's Halloween costume.  But that's not what this blog post is about.  (Once I manage to get Ben to wear the darn thing, I'll post a pic.)  There was quite a lot of felt left over.  So Ben was urging Neil to use this to make his own costume.  Neil said that he could put a giant felt "N" on his shirt and go as Super Neil.  Ben liked this idea, but suggested that instead he go as Robert.  Robert?  Yes, Robert.  Another superhero, named Robert.  Y'know -- he doesn't fly, like Superman, but he's a superhero.  Named Robert.

Aaaaaaahhh -- Robin!!!

For whatever reason, Ben doesn't get much superhero exposure at home, but I'm sure he overhead talk of Batman and Robin at school.  Or slightly misheard, as the case may be.

There should be a superhero named Robert.  I wonder what his special power would be.


skwilson said...

Superhero Robert - a super ability to teach mathematics to uninspired students.

Julia said...

Yes, that's one of his many special powers! That and the ability to resuscitate a car engine just by a laying on of hands.

Kathy said...

And fix the ignition of a Tercel with just a copper penny.

Julia said...

And after all these surgeries, he can be considered substantially bionic, too.

Elsie Hickey Wilson said...

Of course there is a Super-Hero named Robert! He has great powers in math, computers, cars, woodworking, photography, Klaben baking, and just about anything else...maybe not actually flying without an airplane...he is Super-Grampy...Super Bob Wilson!