Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Of fruit and pizza

Ben:  "Mom, next time you get -arines, make sure you get tangerines, not nectarines."

Here's a video that my cousin Madeline made at the Wilson family reunion back in late July.  It features many of my cousins, and you can see sundry other relatives milling around in the background.


dlefler said...

How cute is Ben? I love it! Your family reunion looks like it was a hit - I love the fact that Ben has such wonderful cousins.

Also, Nolan says that he prefers tangerines to nectarines, too.

krlr said...

My son stopped by as I was watching your video, saw your niece(?), and declared his undying love.... "she's bee-a-uuu-tifull!".

And just to add to the stalk-y vibe here, we watched the pottery video too.... was one of your trips to Big Sky? We were there too! Pix forthcoming.