Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In which I use far too many exclamation marks!!!

Oh, my -- has it really been exactly one month since I last posted?!?  Well, never mind -- Ben has a Neptune CI processor!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our insurance gave us approval about a week and a half ago.  As soon as that was official with AB, we were able to place the order over the phone, and it arrived two days later.  Our audiologist managed to squeeze us in this morning to activate it.  It's so small!  And light!  And waterproof!  And pretty and shiny!

This afternoon we went to the County Fair.  Fun times, aside from the distressingly unhealthy food that we consumed.  Ben rode his first "roller coaster" -- by which I mean a smallish caterpillar-shaped train that went at moderate speed around a circular track with at most five feet total vertical displacement.  He was nervous at first, but then had a blast.

Tonight Ben wore his CI in the bath.  In the bath!!!  He kept saying, over and over, "I can hear!!!  I can hear in the bath!!!"  I confess, I got a little emotional.  And y'know what?  It turns out that just about every aspect of bath and bedtime is a little bit easier when your kid can hear you!  Who knew?  Tonight, I actually read books to him, out loud, as he lay in bed.  (Prior to this we would "look at" books during this time.)  He kept his CI on right up until lights out.  Weird.

Soooo much has happened since I last posted -- including our trip to New York City, complete with audiological evaluation and a somewhat disappointing audiogram.  July 4th happened.  We built a kick-butt swing set for Ben in the back yard.  It's been hot and terribly dry.  What else?  Oh, yeah -- we got a Neptune!!!


krlr said...


Wait - You seem pretty excited. Trying again:


Melanie said...

YAY!!! This makes me uber happy. Will he be wearing it all at all times now??

PinkLAM said...

Whoo hoo!! So happy for Ben (and you)! Glad to hear it lives up to its expectations!

dlefler said...

Is it wrong that I am slightly jealous over the Neptune? :) That is so fantastic! I hope he has a splashing good time with it over the entire summer!

Was the disappointing audiological evaluation for his unimplanted ear?

I might head to the fair with our boys tomorrow - they love those rides!

Yanti said...

So exciting!! I'm sure he loves it.