Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ben's Life

[This blog post is being dictated by Ben.]

I am Ben.  Ben I am.  I have blog pictures to show you.  One is me and Jannis.  Two is me, and three I'm coming up with back in Hunter a picture of New York City that I made with Grandma.  Now, four I say is me on Uncle Fred's rock.  But it was a strange rock because it was moss-covered and magic.  The end.

Now, let's find some sort of way to get it with those pictures on my blog.

Here are some new pictures from Toronto.
This is Daddy and me at Niagara Falls.

Power Toronto Turtle


Neil said...

Awesome blog post, Ben! Turtles are cool.

dlefler said...

Great job, Ben! You did a wonderful job! Nolan likes the turtle! We are going to Niagara Falls in a few weeks. I hope you liked your vacation!

Kathy said...

An excellent post Ben. You are a great blogger! Perhaps we can find a turtle in the lakes next week when you visit us in Wisconsin? I don't know if there will be any turtles but we can look for them. I know we will see race cars and I will get to see you! Keep on posting to your Mom's blog. You did a great job! Love, Aunt Kathy

Madeline said...

Yay, Ben! What a good blog post! I have a blog too, but I almost never remember to write in it. I am very excited to see you in July!! I hope you write some more posts here. :)
Love, Cousin Madeline

Elsie Hickey Wilson said...

Ben, you have a great blog post!
Love you!
Grammy Wilson

krlr said...

Hi Ben! I love your pictures! And magic rocks too.