Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sweetness and light

I might have given the false impression that life with Ben is nothing but one battle after another these days.  Well, he can be a little stinker sometimes, and I'd be worried if he weren't.  But he's still one heck of a sweet and amazing kid.  Tonight, while we were cuddling before bed without his equipment on, he laboriously worked his fingers into the "I love you" sign, thrust it up into my face and said, "Look, Mom, it's an I love you sign!"

Shortly before that, when Neil came in to say good night, Ben asked him if tomorrow is a school day.  Neil signed yes.  Ben then pretended to cough, pointed to his throat and said, "My throat's a little sore.  I'm not feeling so well."  Little stinker.


rouchi said...

Awww, that is so sweet!

leah said...

Too funny! Nice try, Ben, but you still have school!

Nolan's latest excuse for everything is to say, "I'm out of energy." He is often out of energy when it is time to pick up toys, put dishes in the sink, or get ready in the morning. He has plenty of energy when it is time to go outside to play, paint, or eat ice cream.