Sunday, July 4, 2010

Two quick Benny Quotes

  • Yesterday evening:  "I think that today is a special day where everybody doesn't listen to their mothers and fathers."
  • This afternoon:  Neil:  "Would you like to swim in your kiddy pool after your nap?"  Ben:  "Yes!"  A short while later...  Ben:  "After my nap, I think I will be a cat."  Neil:  "Why?"  Ben:  "Because I will swim in my kitty pool."


leah said...

Hahahaha! He is just the funniest little guy. He's very clever with the first suggestion, but I have a feeling it didn't actually work (g)!

I hope he had fun in his "kitty" pool!

Melanie said...

This child is really not even three years old!??! He speaks like an adult. Love it! :)

fethiye said...

He is truly a funny guy :) Kitty pool.

Carolyn said...

Hah! Seriously, what a raconteur.

Elsie Hickey Wilson said...

OH, just too funny!
Sure....I have a feeling the first "special day" just didn't come off as he had planned!....Didn't work for his Mommy, either! LOL!
Hmmmmm....some Wilson genes in those puns, I bet!
MOM/Grammy Wilson