Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Belated Flower Day and Mutlu YIllar!

Yesterday was special for at least two reasons.  For one, it was our first annual Flower Day.  Ben came up with this.  I was wearing a very old comfy tee shirt that my friend Carolyn got me umpteen billion years ago.  It used to have little fabric flowers that Carolyn had hand-stitched around the collar, very cute.  But they had fallen off one by one over the course of many years of laundry, and now only one lone flower remains, in the front and slightly off-center.  Ben looks at this and announces, "It's Flower Day!"  He went on to explain that on Flower Day, people give hugs, kisses, and back rubs, and this was followed by a quick demonstration.  All of this was entirely of his own invention.  Neil and I were practically dripping with delight.  We all engaged in the mandated rituals frequently throughout the remainder of the day.

Secondly, it was Fethiye's birthday.  Mutlu YIllar and much love, friend!

Another little tidbit from last week:  Ben at dinner said, "Tikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo fell into the well!"  He got it all out perfectly the first time.  When he tried to say it again, he stumbled a bit, but still you gotta be impressed.  Ironically enough, he couldn't remember the name of Tikki Tikki's brother.


susannah said...

i love flower day! what inventiveness!

and what great language!

Madeline said...

Yaaaaay for Ben! Alicia and I can't remember the name of the brother at the moment, either. Though it's probably been a little longer since either of us have read that book.

fethiye said...

Woow! Thank you. When I saw the title, I was wondering if it was for me ;)

You are so sweet.

I think I know that shirt, do I?

leah said...

Ben is simply amazing!

I love Flower Day. He is a very creative little guy. I love any excuse for a holiday, and Flower Day in May makes perfect sense!

rouchi said...

would love a flower day myself too.And I think this riddle like thing is too good at his age.

Anonymous said...

My goodness! Unless you know another Carolyn, that shirt is pretty cool to think that not only is it still marching on, but that you had a whole day of backrubs because of it!

Carolyn said...

(The above was me...I was logged into my job-hunting Google account.)

Julia said...

You're the only Carolyn I know, and yes, it's pretty old! When did you give that to me -- maybe early 90's? Well, right now I'm wearing a tee shirt that says "San Jose Symphony Youth Orchestra" on it that must date from at least 1986.

Yes Fethiye, you do know that shirt. It was a popular favorite during the 90's.

And Madeline, his younger brother's name is Chang.

Elsie Wilson said...

Happy Flower Day to you, too, Ben!
Oh, Tikki Tikki....was a fav. of Julia when she was small! It used to be of me, Grammy Wilson, too......but by the time you have read the thing to both daughters, many thousands of kindergarteners, first graders and second graders over the years.... well it does lose its shine. But, now that Ben can say this, maybe he can read the book to me! Hugs,
Grammy Wilson....aka Julia's MOM!