Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sheer Brag

I don't have much time right now (those quizzes aren't grading themselves), but I had to share this tidbit: This morning, over breakfast, Ben (a) sang much of "Supercallifrajilistickexpialidotious"* and (b) counted to ten in Turkish**.

* I'm not even going to bother to run spellcheck on this post.
** Fethiye, that one's for you! TeSekillar ederIm! (You can correct my spelling in a comment.)


leah said...

French AND Turkish! Wow, the boy is going to be trilingual by the time he's five (loving it)!

And I can tell he really loves Mary Poppins!

Madeline said...

I am SO PROUD!! On both counts. :)

Melanie said...

Wonderful! We love Mary Poppins around here too. Can't wait for Peas to sing it one day. :)

fethiye said...

I am so proud of you and HIM!!!! You remembered and taught him how to count. This is just amazing. My little guy can only say "dog" and "ball" at 15 months!

Well, you are the best roommate ever!!! For sure.

"teşekkür ederim" :)

Julia said...

bir, iki, UC, dort, beS, altI, yedi, sekiz, dokuz, on! And of course I'll never forget mutfak! (Dr. Kitchen, anyone?) For the rest of you, Fethiye and I shared an apartment for ... what, five years? And so naturally this spawned a few in-jokes.

Ben is often reluctant to drink his milk, so we'll do what we call a "milk count" -- he has to drink while we count to ten in some language. Between the two of us, Neil and I have French, Spanish, Turkish, and Dutch. So in Turkish it ends up like this: "... sekIz ... dokuz ....... wait for it .......... on!!!!!"

rouchi said...

wow, good going.

leah said...

We loved coming to the playgroup. We'll definitely make sure we get naps in before we try it again, lol! Both boys were so tired. Nolan fell asleep before we hit the 60 and Matthew stayed awake, but went to bed shortly after we got home. Nolan kept asking his teacher (preschool) to draw "Leah's Farm." The poor teacher had no idea what he was talking about!

Lucas'Mommy said...

Wow! Crazy amazing!

Didn't Ben just have a birthday?

Elsie Wilson said...

Way to go, Ben!
What a big boy you are!
Another math kid in the Wilson family?
"Grammy" Elsie Wilson

susannah said...

love love love this! i love the idea of a milk count!

hmm my word verification word is dying. weird.