Saturday, August 15, 2009

What Ben's been saying lately

  • Neil: "What kind of gym will you play on at the playground?" Ben thinks, then says, "Jungle!" Ben pauses, and then comments, "I wonder why they call it a jungle gym."
  • Ben, in the bath (with no hearing equipment), looking up at Neil's ears: "Daddy doesn't wear earrings. He has just ears."
  • Several times, when we've discussed his Madison relatives, Ben has referred to someone named Amy. We have no idea who this is. Tonight, during the "I love you" ritual before I take off his hearing equipment, I added, "You're so special!" Ben: "Special Cousin Anna! Special Cousin Megan! Special Uncle David!" [The Madison folk will understand the references.] Then, of course, "Amy!" Pause, and Ben adds, "I never met Amy." I'm again wondering who the heck Amy is. Then it dawns on me, "Oh, Pascal's Mommy is Aimee!" No response. A few minutes later, after the equipment is off, he says, "Pascal's Mommy is Aimee, but this is a different Amy." So we're still in the dark. Any suggestions from the Madison contingent?
  • While on a walk to the cemetery: "That's not our driveway. It's someone's driveway, but it's not our driveway."


leah said...

WOW. That kid has language like a five year old. Matt just started using the "why" concept a few months ago, and he's three and a half!

Keep up the good work- it's obviously creating a great language environment for Ben!

Melanie said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. We definitely need to meet the next time you are in WI. I must know your secrets! Way to go, Julia and Ben.

Lucas'Mommy said...

Pretty incredible. It's hard for me to believe that Ben is only a few months older than Lucas. Great job!

rouchi said...

That is really great for a 2 year old.The work I am sure is yours.Congrats.I too am curious about Amy.....really cute, wonder what is going on in his lil brain.